Web Site Updated. Our plans for this pulling season are to pull at all NTPA modified Grand National Events. We pull out of town this coming friday for: Showdown in Curdtown, at Ellsworth, WI.


Web Site Updated.


Web Site Updated. We are preparing for the National Farm and Machinery Show. We will be building a new Wild Child for the Summer


Our preperation has and continues to go on for the event of the year, Bowling Green, OH. We will be there.


Finally Updated the Webpage.


Discovered the right front engine that we had promblems with in Louisville has a broken crank. The smoke was from the intake manifold vibrating loose which was from the broken crank. Both front engines have one broken rocker arm adjuster. The oil filter line came loose on the right rear engine.


Competed in the finals at Louiesville, Kentucky. Put it into the sand for a full pull. Placed 3rd in the pull offs.


Competed indoors at Louisville, Kentucky. Reached the sand for the only full pull in the 7500 modified class for a 1st place win.

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